Pylum has developed a portfolio of therapeutic protein candidates that destroy target cells with surgical precision. Its new class of narrow-spectrum bacteria-killing agents is a potential solution to overcome two important complications of broad-spectrum antibiotics: the rampant spread of drug resistance and the collateral damage to the healthy, protective bacteria that constitute the microbiota.

Broad Range of Human Clinical Opportunities

Targeted pathogen Indication Avidocin™ engineering Bactericidal activity screens In vivo Activity Preclinical development
Vanco-resist. Enterococcus Bacteremia Septicemia
Uropath. E.coli Recurrent UTI
K. pneumoniae Bacteremia Septicemia
P. aeruginosa Cystic Fibrosis
C. difficile CDI
B. fragilis F. nucleatum Colon cancer
E. cloacae Obesity
P. acnes Acne