About Us

Pylum Biosciences has developed and patented the Avidocin™ platform technology, capable of generating bactericidal protein complexes targeting specific bacterial pathogens. The Avidocin platform can be quickly modified to generate new protein complexes to kill emerging strains as their genome sequences become available. Avidocin proteins employ a unique killing mechanism that is oblivious to the mechanisms bacteria have evolved to resist traditional antibiotics, and because of their tailorable specificity, they can be directed against specific species or strains with minimal or no off-target effects. Pylum Biosciences currently has in development Avidocin agents targeting 10 different organisms – including threatening human pathogens such as C. difficile, uropathogenic E. coli, and K. pneumoniae. Pre-clinical animal studies have demonstrated that Avidocin proteins can be orally or parentally administered to prevent or treat disease with impressive efficacy in multiple infection models. Avidocin proteins are well-suited for use in the many applications where traditional antibiotics are ineffective, contraindicated or are being phased out of the market such as preventing C. difficile infections (CDIs), managing the microbiota, food safety, and animal health.